• Dhauligiri

  • Buddhist Deities, Lalitgiri

  • Votive Stupas of Ratnagiri

  • Door jamb, Ratnagiri

  • Stupa of Udayagiri

Kalinga Nirvana

Who knew that a prince, who was born to rule the kingdom he inherited or to get enlightened by Brahmin soothsayers, will soon start a search for a perfect bliss and awakening? The child was born in 563 BC in the noble family of King Suddhodana. The father named his son as Siddhartha which means 'Perfect Wealth', and expected that a day will come when his throne will be inherited by his newly born son.

All the privileges and pleasures which a royal family can observe were now blessed at the Prince. Hoping that Prince Siddhartha would never come across poverty and human suffering existing outside the palace gates, the Prince was always kept inside the royal boundaries. The King never allowed Siddhartha to cross the borders of Kapilavastu. However, the curious Siddhartha who was born to get awakened and to wakening up the world could not be kept under any such boundaries for a long time. more...

Buddhism in India

In India and all over the world, there are a large number of destinations playing significant part in escalating Buddhist tourism. Apart from India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Nepal, Tibet, Japan and Mongolia are the countries having enormous significance of Buddhism. Various parts across India are considered as major Buddhist destinations.more...

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